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Tips for Grads: How to break into the construction industry

I recently wrote a post on LinkedIn with some advice I would give to graduates who are trying to break into the construction industry. As someone who’s confronted the cold face of the construction employment industry for the past six years, I’ve noticed a number of common traits when it comes to particular employment groups. My LinkedIn

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The millennial male project manager starter pack

Here is my “Starter Pack” for the millennial male project manager. 1. The number one “Must Have” for any 20/30 something project manager is the robust, timeless NORTH FACE JACKET.  An agile and compact piece of equipment that has the ability to command the respect on site that mountains of construction experience couldn’t buy. 2.

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How my mum’s death has made me a better recruiter

No matter where I go in the world; whether it be Belfast, Dublin, London, LA or Auckland; the recruitment industry is viewed by most as being at the bottom of the career and employment pile. I’ve always wondered why. Is it because of bad experience? Or jealousy? Or lack of understanding or empathy? Is it

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