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The Recruitment Process … in an R&B Playlist

Recruitment can be heart breaking stuff. It flirts with you, gives you a semi then sinks you quicker than the titanic. Therefore, I get through my day by a blinkered positive approach to everything I do whilst humming old school noughty R&B tunes reminiscing over the pre-recruitment good life of Ja Rule, Choc Ices and

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Don’t waste your young years

Don’t waste your young years. The five words of advice that I will give to any young person I cross paths with. The advice that I wished I heard earlier. The advice that I wished I had of understood earlier. The pressures currently faced by the younger generation is unprecedented. Life in its entirety is

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The millennial male project manager starter pack

Here is my “Starter Pack” for the millennial male project manager. 1. The number one “Must Have” for any 20/30 something project manager is the robust, timeless NORTH FACE JACKET.  An agile and compact piece of equipment that has the ability to command the respect on site that mountains of construction experience couldn’t buy. 2.

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