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Rip it up and start again… A business mentality

Rip it up and start again. A Business Mentality. I am the type of person, and always have been, to do and ask for forgiveness later. I developed this mentality in my teens when my art teacher pressured me to be the most expressionist form of myself possible, in my thinking, my vision and the way

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Don’t waste your young years

Don’t waste your young years. The five words of advice that I will give to any young person I cross paths with. The advice that I wished I heard earlier. The advice that I wished I had of understood earlier. The pressures currently faced by the younger generation is unprecedented. Life in its entirety is

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How my mum’s death has made me a better recruiter

No matter where I go in the world; whether it be Belfast, Dublin, London, LA or Auckland; the recruitment industry is viewed by most as being at the bottom of the career and employment pile. I’ve always wondered why. Is it because of bad experience? Or jealousy? Or lack of understanding or empathy? Is it

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