What is the biggest threat to the recruitment industry?

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Thank you to everyone who has joined the group; Think then Find, especially any of those from a recruitment background.

As there are many recruitment and hiring experts within this group, one question I am keen to get people’s opinion on, is the biggest threat and challenge to the recruitment industry.

I have summarised some of my thoughts below which I hope you will challenge:


It will be one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” scenarios when a game changing technology is introduced into the industry. At the moment, on the surface, I don’t see any mainstream technology that has had any impact on the recruitment industry. Many start up movements from Jobr to Freelancer have entered the industry and ultimately failed to make any meaningful impact.

With the world becoming smaller, I feel there is some sort of technology that can make the difference in the candidate experience of dealing with a recruitment company, but how a software can cope with the intangible emotional variables within human beings is yet to be scene.

However, they did say that about dating and now we have Tinder.

I do feel that the low skilled temporary recruitment market, is waiting to be shaken up.


A downfall of the industry could be ourselves.

Death by suicide.

Too many recruitment companies are hiring inexperienced personnel and moving them directly into “consultant” roles. I wasn’t a full 360 recruiter until about 18 months into my career. I remember becoming the 2nd highest biller after 1 year with a specialist recruitment company and asking, can I stop being called a “trainee” ?

It was character building and it was important.

How many companies have you dealt with where they have complained about a recruitment company or a particular “consultant?”

It’s embarrassing and more quality standards MUST be introduced into the industry for it be regarded as real professional service.

Job Ads

The Jobs Ads market is a bit of a shambles.

Anyone can write an add and publish it. There is little to no regulation.

Recruiters will constantly fight for advertising space and to be the most visible to potential candidates. The only real winner is the job board who then can totally control the amount agencies spend by bi-annual price changes all claiming a “superior service” when in fact, it is exactly the same.

I think innovation in this area won’t be far away.

Skill shortage

Is there a genuine skill shortage on a global scale or is it racism? Or sexism? Or Ageism?

I am unsure, it would be good to hear other views on this from other recruiters.

I need to do more research into this area before making any comment.

Another Global Financial Crisis

This is definitely something that could really effect the industry.

When nobody is hiring, what will recruiters do then?

At that point, it wont be a recruitment problem but that of an economic and political one.


What do you think is the biggest threat to the industry? I am keen to hear your thoughts.





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