Rip it up and start again… A business mentality

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Rip it up and start again. A Business Mentality.

I am the type of person, and always have been, to do and ask for forgiveness later.

I developed this mentality in my teens when my art teacher pressured me to be the most expressionist form of myself possible, in my thinking, my vision and the way I carry myself.

I didn’t fall short of his expectations.

His advice and mentoring throughout my life, has been totally invaluable.

“Rip it up and start again” he would say.

I would rage, thinking I knew better.

I’d taken hours upon hours to complete a piece of work and he would tell me to rip it up.

“What the F*^%? are you mad?” I would think.

In my mind I would say “F&%K him, I’m better than what he thinks”.

It would make my blood boil.

For the two years, I would have a “I’ll prove everyone wrong” mentality

Little did I know at that point in my life that he was only challenging me to in order for me to better myself.

He was winning and so was I.

This constant push to better my performance, no matter what, would result in me becoming one of the first Irish students in the UK to be award full marks in the subject two years in a row.

Throughout my life and the eight years since I left his classroom, I have looked back at his ramblings as being some of the most influential words and teachings I’ve had.

“I don’t want to do that, nobody else is doing it” I would worriedly say while he sat with me hours after class had finished, investing his time into teaching me.

“You need to tell your story, to hell with anyone who doesn’t like it”

“They won’t get the marks that you will get, because their work has been seen before, it doesn’t challenge the social norms, it doesn’t portray anything new, it won’t shock anyone, you will and it will stir up emotion”

Ultimately, his teachings and his hours of intellectual ranting would add numerous branches to my tree of life.

I left school with excellent grades, with teachers pushing me to apply for Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge but that wasn’t the road I wanted to take.

Skip forward a few years and I still have the same mentality.

I have summed up his years of teachings in 34 points below. (Yes, just 34)

1.               To do what nobody else is doing

2.               To try with passion

3.               To fail with elegance

4.               To be inquisitive

5.               To win sometimes/To lose sometimes

6.               To do everything with purpose and vision

7.               To pursue unknown paths

8.               To be recognizable/ You are your own brand

9.               To have a voice

10.          To push the boundaries

11.          To stick to your morals

12.          To understand the facts

13.          To look at the picture upside down

14.          To lead

15.          To change

16.          To think deeply

17.          To have a vision

18.          To have a story and to tell the story

19.          To prove a point

20.          To grow the right side of your brain

21.          To make people think

22.          To do something that makes an impact

23.          To question everything

24.          To be outspoken

25.          To make people laugh

26.          To irritate

27.          To challenge

28.          To shock

29.          To grow

30.          To develop

31.          To care less

32.          To sometimes care more

To whenever it isn’t going to plan…

33.          To rip it up and start again

Thank you, Mr. Gallagher.

Nearly two decades in education and this is what I remember most.


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