Don’t waste your young years


Don’t waste your young years.

The five words of advice that I will give to any young person I cross paths with.

  • The advice that I wished I heard earlier.
  • The advice that I wished I had of understood earlier.

The pressures currently faced by the younger generation is unprecedented. Life in its entirety is looked at through a filter. There is very scarce authenticity among people, media and businesses. We turn on the news and everything is falling apart, it’s depressing as f**k.

We flip over to social media and everyone seems to be killing it. That borderline waster you went to school with who you lent a pen to everyday has watched a few Gary Vee videos and now they are hash tagging #SelfAwareness and #Hustle everywhere. CRUSHING it.

In one ear we are told to work every single minute of the day to be successful. The other ear we are downed out by pleas for mindfulness, namaste and POSITIVE VIBES ONLY.

What the f**k are we supposed to do? Go all out action man and hit the gym at 4 in the morning before smashing a 20 hour work day and Instagram every single bit of it along the way or maybe, just chill the f**k out because we all know that one person who’s like; “Yeah well Tracey, I’ve read the Secret and I’m just throwing out positive vibes because If I think positively, it’s going to happen… like it worked for Oprah”

NO. This is all bull shit. 95% of what you read is bullshit.

Young person:

  • You don’t want to go to university? Don’t. It won’t be worth it in the future if you drag yourself to do something you don’t want to do.
  • You are thinking of going travelling? Book the flight. Don’t over think it, be brave because you will never get your young years back
  • You don’t look like everyone else online? Damn right you don’t. THOSE people don’t even look like that. They are fake airbrushed robots. Do you, nobody else.
  • Believe in something which nobody else does? F**k everyone else. Tradition is only tradition until someone does it better and differently. Can you imagine if someone had of said to Steve Jobs “Steve your idea is ridiculous you should probably stop” and Steve was like “Yeah Jon your probably right, screw it, I’m just going to get high and watch another episode of Seinfeld”. WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE LIKE TODAY?
  • Scared of being yourself? You are 100% your best asset. You, your personality, your ideas, your belief, your passion. Thats what is going to take you places, not the opinions of someone else.
  • Afraid you won’t fit in? If you did, you would be like every other person out there. How about be so much of yourself that everyone else wants to fit into your thing.
  • Scared for where the future lies? Aren’t we all and that’s what makes life so exciting. If we all knew our plan in detail, where would the fun be? Plans are only plans!
  • Scared to stand up for yourself? Is it better to muster up a few moments of bravery or a life time of self depreciation because you aren’t being who you know you are inside? Be brave, be so brave because the pressure you feel will instantly disintegrate due to the respect you have shown yourself.
  • Afraid because you want something totally different to everyone else? The great minds of the world were misfits. Go all out on everything you believe in because who the hell knows, if you believe in yourself enough you could be one of the future great minds.
  • Want to tell someone you love them? Do it. Learn to live with embarrassment more than regret. Regret will kill you, embarrassment at least makes for a funny story.
  • Aren’t sure your idea is going to make money? It might not, but will you ever know until you try? And maybe money isn’t the purpose maybe its human preservation or the end to climate change or making people laugh or changing someone’s life or curing cancer. Damn, can you imagine if everyone was driven by money! Society would be screwed.

Don’t quantify money as being an indicator of success.

  • Want to take the day off work to work on you and explore the world? Be brave enough to do it or work hard and be open with your boss that you need some time off. Good people will never hold you back! A person on their death bed will never think “Oh god, I wish I had of went to work that day when I was 21”.
  • Want to write a book, become an actor, a singer, a cabinetmaker, a fisherman, a marine biologist, a violist, a beautician, a gardener, a politician? Whatever the hell it is, do it. Don’t let anyone hold you back.
  • Aren’t sure what you want to do? Great, your now an artist with a blank canvass. You have the ability to create your own masterpiece, but you will have to try different things before you get there and that expressive part of your life perhaps might end up being the best part of your life!

It might not feel like it, but life is limited.

We hear constantly about lives being ripped short. It could happen to anyone. It literally could happen to you, to me, to anyone. The sooner we all realise this the better.

It is so important to see that the meaning of life is experience and joy and happiness and doing what makes you the fullest person you can be.

That is life.

Not quotes, not bullshit filters, or pressures from people or things we don’t even know. Go all out on you. Be the fullest you can be. Be brave, make mistakes, learn, grow, laugh, cry, be passionate and most importantly never lose your spark. Never, ever lose your spark. Just be brave and let it shine believe me, the world needs more of it.


2 comments on “Don’t waste your young years”

  1. I really enjoyed this post! So refreshing to hear a balanced view on life for once. Thanks for this, exactly what I needed to hear.


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