The millennial male project manager starter pack

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Here is my “Starter Pack” for the millennial male project manager.

1. The number one “Must Have” for any 20/30 something project manager is the robust, timeless NORTH FACE JACKET.  An agile and compact piece of equipment that has the ability to command the respect on site that mountains of construction experience couldn’t buy.

2. THE CHINOS. Not too loose, but not too tight after all we are in work. The “Ahh I can’t wear jeans but I’ll wear the next best thing” item of clothing that generally dont live past the first month. Also worn in cream at “Our Company Is So Different” Casual Friday Drinks.

3. The Suede Tan Half Boot. Perfect for a client meeting. Not too formal but not “Dirty work man, steel toe caps”, we couldn’t possibly wear them, they are far too “safe”. These are best worn with a cocky smirk and a “I have a construction related degree” kick in your step.

4. Last but not least, the QUIFF. The “I dont care about my hair but I absolutely care about my hair” look. The reason most of the projects are so under resourced is due to the fact that all resources are too busy attending to the maintenance of this ageless and immortal hair style.

Do you know anyone like this? I can think of a few!

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